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Litter 2014.....

erbys sprite stk jothryn giles jeff poole


Sire  Jothryn Bjorne to Love JW

Heart and Eye tested Clear 2014

Dam  Nevedith Sprite of Erbys

Heart  tested 1/6 2014

The Coi of this litter is 3.30% to 7 Generations

LITTER PEDIGREE erbys puppies 2014 erbys puppies 2 weeks (800x508)

The sire of this lovely litter Jothryn Bjorne to Love JW has won well at Championship Shows with ten first places in 2014. He has a wonderful temperament and stunning movement , together with our beautiful , sound moving bitch we have high hopes for these puppies

jothryn giles bath 1 (555x640) erbys leany pup erbys pups play erbys pups 33 erbys puppies 2 weeks 3 erbys pupster erbys puppy pile erbys best pic available (640x429) erbys best pic blue brindle (640x429) (540x381) erbys best pic brindle bitch (640x428) (709x459) erbys best pic lemon boy reserved (640x429) erbys best pic parti available (640x429) (691x454) erbys best pic parti boy (640x429) (669x453) erbys best pic fawn boy available (640x428)

Litter at almost 6 weeks  

Black Brindle Male Reserved

Blue Brindle Male Reserved

Black Brindle Female Reserved

Brindle parti Male Reserved

Fawn parti Female Reserved

Fawn white trim Male Reserved

Fawn  Male Reserved

erbys best pic silver fawn (640x429)

Fawn  Male Reserved

erbys thompson twin (640x429)

Fawn  Male Reserved

erbys puppy 7 weeks with mum (800x532) erbys puppy 7weeks (640x426) erby sofa surfers (800x532)

Sofa Surfing puppies at 7 weeks

erbys nyne

Nyne at 5 months ...our keeper male

All these babies have gone to super homes or stayed here at Erbys with us